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We are a collective of developers, builders, and challenge seekers. We love pursuing rewarding intellectual and technical challenges with real-world applications and we believe that developers should be at the centerpiece of web3 ecosystems.

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Collecting Neurons

Neurons function as a proof-of-solution for the associated puzzle, by virtue of being non-transferrable. By showcasing their owner's skillset, Neurons provide benefits within the Overmind ecosystem, in terms of providing access to higher-rarity quests and being one of the most significant proofs of user contribution, while at the same time carrying significant proof-of-skill signal.

Knowledge Sharing

Correct solutions are easy to come by, experience and knowledge is not. We encourage our solvers to help each other become more skilled developers by linking underlying concepts to problems, sharing common pitfalls, alerting the community of bugs and discussing new concepts. However, we strongly prohibit the public or private sharing of lines of code that form part of quest solutions as part of our fairness policy.

Improvement proposals

The Overmind grows Neuron by Neuron, which means that we necessarily count on our community's feedback in order to improve our existing systems and innovate. We envision setting up a more structured process around raising and voting on such improvement proposals (depending on the timing of our intended token launch), but for the time being, email with any suggestions or jump in our Discord and post in the #suggestions channel.

Creating quests

Our plan is to create a more formal avenue for users interested in creating quests for the community. Until then, would be great if you could email us at with any ideas and we will make sure to get back to you. If we decide to utilize any of the suggested quests, we will make sure to compensate you fairly for your efforts.

Upholding our fairness principles

We take fairness very seriously. If you become aware of any instance on our platform which violates our fairness policies or that you consider unfair, or if you would like to contribute towards keeping Overmind fair for all solvers, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out to

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