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Overmind strives to be the following:
  • both accessible and challenging for developers of all levels
  • rewarding for users, intellectually and financially
  • a high-signal reference point for a developer's skill and creativity
With those objectives in mind, Overmind quests are crafted according to the following principles:
  1. 1.
    Self-contained: require minimal context beyond the essential tools
  2. 2.
    Creative: require original thinking
  3. 3.
    Unique: have no close analogue available online
  4. 4.
    Educational: teach the user a new concept, method, or technique
  5. 5.
    Applied: relevant to real-world problems or applications
Overmind quests are unlike most coding challenges, in that they take inspiration from problems developers encounter in the wild. Sorting a k-sorted array in O(n log k) is not a good challenge.
Overmind quests are unlike most open source bounties, in that they have a low contextual barrier to entry. Users need not be familiar with a specific codebase or product in order to tackle them, therefore ramp-up time and effort are significantly lower.