Prize Money


For certain live quest on our platform, there is a corresponding prize pool. The money in the prize pool is exclusively reserved for distribution to the quest's solvers. The requirements for being eligible to receive such rewards are:
  • signing up to the Overmind platform and setting up a reward address,
  • receiving a passing grade for a submission,
  • achieving a ranking score, and
  • playing by the Overmind Fairness rules
For our first quests, we intend to distribute all rewards in the form of stablecoins, more specifically USDC, or APT.
Please note that in order to claim your rewards from the smart contract, you need a small amount of APT in your Aptos wallet to pay for gas.


Maintaining clear, fair, and appropriate ranking criteria is critical for Overmind's success. These criteria will always be listed at the quest's prompt. Following the expiry of the quest and after the team has reviewed all results, we will publish the rankings and distribute the prize pool.