Getting started

Go to and choose a quest. Read the instructions carefully, paying attention to the following:

Live status

Quests can remain active for long or, especially if they are competitive, be live only for a short period after being published. Rewards, in the form of Neurons and prizes, are only available in certain cases and while a quest is active. Users may still refer to the closed quest prompts and solutions for training purposes.


Certain quests have prerequisites, such as setting up a specific development environment or having completed another quest.


All submissions are first marked as Pass/Fail. Correct solutions are then scored, either by time since quest launch (default) or by a custom scoring system that rewards gas efficiency, exploit magnitude, etc. Each quest page will display its scoring system and ranking criteria.

How to submit

The submission process varies by quest. You may have to submit an output, a transaction hash, or code. If you're submitting code, we’ll create a private Github repository dedicated to your solution and invite you. Once you accept the invitation, you will be able to push your code. If the quest code contains test cases, make sure your solution passes them before submitting.

Results and Ranking

Results are published on the quest page after the review process has been completed, and include a Pass/Fail and your rank based on the scoring system. Solvers will receive an email, at the address linked to their Github profile, when a result for their submission is published.


Solving a quest correctly often earns you a Neuron.

Depending on your ranking, you may also qualify for Prize Money. The prize pool for the quests that offer rewards is viewable at the top of the relevant page.

How to claim your rewards

Prize money and Neurons are sent to the relevant prize distribution contract from which you have to claim them. Once claimed, these rewards should appear in the Aptos address you have set as the reward address in your profile. We will email solvers and provide details for claiming these rewards on each quest page.

When the new Aptos token standard goes live, you will be able to mint all Neurons already earned but not yet distributed.

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