How are prize pools determined?

We determine prize pool rewards based on a number of factors such as quest difficulty level and theme. We want our prize pools to adequately reward the most skilled devs, while at the same time making it fun and worthwhile for everyone who attempts to solve them.

How is prize money distributed?

Rewards are distributed to our solver's reward address once the submission has gone through our review processes.

What happens if I get a pass grade but do not make it into the reward rankings?

It is possible that some solvers who receive a passing grade will not make it into the prize pool rankings. For example, rewards might be reserved only for the top 10 solvers while there might be over 30 submissions that receive a passing grade.

I see you are not currently distributing Neurons, why is that? When will I be able to earn my Overmind NFTs?

We have been working closely with the Aptos engineering team in order to include soulbound NFTs in the new Aptos token standard. We expect a new standard to come live over the next couple of weeks. We will then ensure that the soulbound NFTs are provided retroactively to all successful solvers and from that point on seamlessly, as described in the Neurons page.

How can I showcase my NFTs?

Neurons can be minted and will appear in your Aptos wallet. These are solvers' on-chain credentials and we will work on developing ways to make the best use of them, by turning them into a gold standard for proving dev skills. Look out for quests that will be reserved only for holders of specific Neurons!

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