The on-chain building block of the Overmind

Neurons are the foundational unit of the Overmind. The Overmind grows in power and reach as new Neurons join it. Solvers grow their presence in the Overmind with every Neuron they mint. The more quests they solve, the more Neurons they generate, the greater their share of the collective consciousness.

Neurons are implemented via soulbound NFTs, minted by the solver after successfully solving certain quests. They are crafted uniquely for each solution, melding a quest-specific image and a stamp that certifies the solver's rank in the quest's leaderboard. They function as a proof-of-solution for the associated quest, by virtue of being non-transferrable. Each quest's Neurons come in limited supply, given they can only be earned in a limited time window after the quest is launched. And so the Overmind grows, Neuron by Neuron...

Neuron rarities

We have categorized our quest rarities, which reflect puzzle difficulty levels, into five tiers: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Our Neurons map directly to these five rarities. Holding a legendary Neuron will be an unprecedented badge of honor.

Sample Neuron

The first generation of Overmind Neurons are generated using OpenAI's DALL·E 2 engine.


Proof-of-skill primitive

As individual Neurons function as proof-of-solution for specific quests, building a collection of Neurons functions as a proof-of-skill primitive, enabling Overmind solvers to build an on-chain resume of applicable credentials.

Exclusive opportunities

We expect Neurons to be used as access tickets for a variety of opportunities on the Overmind platform and beyond. A few examples:

  • Quests of higher rarity to require lower rarity Neurons in order to be accessed

  • Developer events (e.g. hackathons, hacker houses) to require event participants to showcase their relevant skillset via Neurons before being admitted

  • Web3 job opportunities to enable Overmind-credentialed devs to enter the interview process at a more advanced stage

  • Skill-gated cooperatives that produce top-tier work and admit only the rarest of Neuron holders (guilds)

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