Fairness is of paramount importance to Overmind. Our two guiding fairness principles:

  1. No plagiarism: Solvers should be rewarded on the merits of their own work, not someone else's.

  2. No reward exploitation: No solver should be rewarded more than once for the same quest.

We take the following measures to enforce our fairness principles. Our process is ever-evolving and we seek the community's feedback to constantly improve on it.


Collaborating to understand a problem is different from sharing solutions:

  • Collaboration: We encourage solvers to discuss general strategies, share experiences, and engage in discussions that enrich the learning environment.

  • Sharing solutions: Your code or answers must not be developed in conjunction with or derived from anyone else’s. You must never be intimate with another’s code/answers nor allow others to be intimate with yours.

The Dos and Dont's

Permitted Activities

  • Discussing general quest topics, programming languages, libraries, and tools.

  • Clarifying quest guidelines and expectations.

  • Sharing general advice and coding strategies.

  • Discussing the design and logic of a specific quest.

Prohibited Activities

  • Copying code or solutions.

  • Reviewing the code/design of another

  • Sharing your code and solutions, both publicly and privately.

Plagiarism Detection

We go to great lengths to detect duplicate solutions, using both automated and manual methods. Plagiarism detection software has come a long way and is surprisingly powerful.

Multiple Account Restrictions

Submitting solutions using more than one Overmind account is a clear violation of our reward exploitation policy. We make it hard for solvers to create multiple Overmind accounts. Our current system restricts signups to Github accounts created before Overmind's beta launch on 01.26.2023, making it impossible for a solver to create new Github accounts in order to game the system. This system is highly imperfect, not least because it excludes solvers who are brand new to programming. Sybil resistance protocols are rapidly evolving, and we anticipate that there will be battle-tested systems to choose from in the near future.

We reserve the right to suspend accounts, withhold rewards, and leave a permanent on-chain record if we discover clear evidence of violating these fairness policies.

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