How do I get started?

You can sign up on Overmind's platform simply by connecting your GitHub account, provided the account was created before the date of our beta launch on 01.26.2023.

To start completing quests, just connect your Aptos wallet and set it as your reward address. If you submit a solution and are eligible for rewards, you will be notified.

What information does Overmind get access to when I connect my Github account?

Overmind gets read-only access to your public profile information, such as your username and profile picture, as well as your email address and the date your account was created.

I do not have a Github account, how can I enter the Overmind?

Currently, it is not possible to compete in Overmind quests without a Github account created prior to the date of our beta launch. We understand that this is far from ideal, but we are prioritizing our fairness principles to ensure that solvers cannot submit multiple times, until we can build robust Sybil-resistance.

What is Aptos?

Aptos is a new Layer 1 blockchain that aims to deliver key scalability, security, and usability improvements needed for mass real-world adoption. One of Aptos' key innovations is Move, a programming language designed from the ground up for writing safe and verifiable smart contracts. Move was first developed at Meta and has accumulated years of development by world class teams. We strongly believe in Aptos' potential to onboard the next big wave of web3 developers and users.

What is Overmind's relationship to Aptos?

We have partnered with the Aptos Foundation, tasked with becoming the workhorse for developer onboarding. Our quests aim to introduce, educate, and onboard developers onto the Move programming language, as well as the Aptos blockchain. As part of this partnership, the Aptos Foundation has provided us with a grant reserved for funding the prize pools.

I'm new to Aptos, which wallet should I use?

That's up to you! You can connect and set as your reward address any of the following five Aptos wallets: Fewcha, Martian, Petra, Pontem, and Rise.

We suggest you do your due-diligence and stick with one wallet for your entire Overmind journey. We highly encourage gathering your non-transferable Neurons in a single wallet.

How are rewards funded?

Rewards are funded via a grant we received from the Aptos Foundation, specifically reserved for rewarding our solvers.

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