Enter the Overmind

Overmind is a platform where developers engage in coding quests to improve their skills and earn prizes and on-chain credentials. Quests are educational as much as they are competitive, and challenge the solver to think creatively. By conquering challenges, users master smart contracts that enable them to build world-class dApps, while building a verifiable track record of their skillset.
We believe that coding quests that reward users and build their on-chain reputation will create a paradigm shift in the way web3 ecosystems onboard developers. The transition from web2 to web3 involves high friction and uncertainty for most developers, making the leap appear highly risky. Overmind introduces the ability to systematically earn while practicing web3 development (solve-to-earn), de-risking the time investment required, and thus offering a real opportunity to enter the space to significantly more people. Our mission is to enable more developers to enter web3, unleash their creativity, and access unparalleled opportunities.
The Overmind is formed by the collective intelligence of those bold enough to join it.
Enter at overmind.xyz.
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